We are a full line safety distributor specializing in safety services.  Here is a list of some of our services:

  • Temporary Safety Staffing, safety supervisors, safety auditors, permit writers, hole watch, fire watch, respiratory technicians
  • Recruiters, helping you find the best safety staff for your company
  • Safety Equipment Rental: fall protection, gas detection, confined space equipment, radios, blowers
  • Supplied Air Equipment Rental: Air trailers, compressors, botter carts, 12 packs, SCBA
  • Safety Training: First Aid/CPR, OSHA classes, rescue training
  • Safety Supplies: PPE, safety equipment, FRC
  • Rescue Teams
  • On-Site Fit Testing, MEQ
  • Drug Testing
  • Complete Turnaround Service Menu to provide all your turnaround safety needs in one spot
  • We are here to work with you to provide the safety products and services your Company’s needs
  • 24 hour availablity

​Please give us a call 708-603-6327​​.

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