Gas Detection

We sell, rent, and repair gas detection.

We are a factory authorized distributor and authorized repair facility for all lines we carry.

Finding the right gas detector for your application is not always easy.  Please give us a call,708-579-0229, to assist in finding the right meter for your application. We offer a variety of lines for personal monitoring, fixed monitoring, and area or fence line monitoring.

Industrial Scientific offers a broad line of gas detection.  BZ1 for area monitoring, Ventis Pro Series for 1-5 gas monitoring with communication and wifi capabilities, single gas Tango meter.  We rent the BZ1, Tango, and the Ventis Pro and Ventis.  We can rent or sell the entire line of ISC gas detection products.  Give us a call, 708-579-0229, for assistance.


Ventis Pro5

Ventis MX4

Radius BZ1

GasBadge Pro

Tango TX-1

DSX Docking Station

We are an authorized repair facility for MSA offering quick and efficient assistance with all your gas monitor needs.  We sell the entire line of MSA gas detection and rent the Altair 5X ,Altair 4X., and galaxy docking station.  We also rent the Altair 5X with PID, Altair 2X, Galaxy GX2 docking station, MSA Link Pro.


Altair 5x

> Altair 4x

We are an authorized repair facility for Rae offering quick repairs for your monitoring equipment.  We rent and sell Rae equipment.  If you need a PID we have both the area and portable meters for rent or purchase.  QRae, MultiRae, AreaRae.

We are an authorized repair facility for RKI.  We also rent their newest PID that is available for direct read Benzene.  We carry all the RKI meters and have the PID available for rent.  GX-3R, GX-6000, GX-2009, GX-3R Pro, GX-2009. Eagle 2, GX-2012, 03 series, GX-2009.


We stock over 100 single gas H2S at all times.  This is a great meter for shutdowns.  We also rent the docking stations as well.  We are an authorized repair facility for BW.  BW Max XT, BW Ultra Multi-gas, BW Microclip XL, BW clip RT, BW Clip4, Gas Alert Max, GasAlertMicro, Gas Alert Quattro, BW solo, Microclip X3.


We rent and sell the entire line of Drager equipment.  We have chips, tubes, single gas to 6 gas monitors, as well as their newest meter the Draeger X-PID 8500.  GS01, flame 5000, chip measurement system, X-am 8000, x-am 3500, x-am 5000, xam 2500.


Gas clip offers a variety of meters at a very competitive price.  They also have new four gas meter that does requires zero maintenance.   Meters: MGC Multi Gas Detector, MSC-S-Plus Mutigas Meter, MGC-S multi gas meter, MGC-IR- Pump, SGC-C single gas.

About One Way Safety

 One Way Safety is your one stop company for all of your safety products and services. We provide safety staffing for your field safety needs such as safety supervisors, auditors, hole watch, fire watch, and rescue teams. We also have safety equipment for rent: gas detection, supplied air, fall protections, confined space equipment, hot weather products, and lighting. 

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