Rental Equipment

Do you have the right equipment for the job?

If not, give us a call.  We carry a large fleet of rental equipment ready to go. 

Our certified technicians maintain the equipment.

Gas Detection

We carry a variety of brands and types of gas detection in our rental fleet. We have single gas and multi gas with your selection of O2, CO, H2S, LEL, SO2, and PID’s ready to go.  We also have area monitors for rent.  If you need a meter for a day or a month rental is a great way to get the job covered and not have to maintain the equipment long term.

Fall Protection

We carry tripods and winches for confined space.  We carry a variety of lengths and sizes to meet your project needs.

Supplied Air

We carry a complete line of respiratory products for rent.  We have supplied air trailers, a portable compressor, SCBA, Ska-Paks, hip airs, escape units, full face masks, and small and 2 bottle carts.  All equipment is tested and our air is tested by a lab and each fill is logged.  We offer complete turnaround packages for your team- we help design an efficient set up for your turnaround.


We also rent PAPR’s in both welding and clear. 

We rent fire extinguishers, eyewashes, portable showers, portable lights, and more.  Please give us a call and we can discuss your rental requirements.

About One Way Safety

 One Way Safety is your one stop company for all of your safety products and services. We provide safety staffing for your field safety needs such as safety supervisors, auditors, hole watch, fire watch, and rescue teams. We also have safety equipment for rent: gas detection, supplied air, fall protections, confined space equipment, hot weather products, and lighting. 

Our Location

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